APT-STEP Measurements Campaign with MOBILAB at Thessaloniki (GR), Turin (IT), Rouen (FR)

In the frame of the APT-STEP project, APTL in collaboration with the APT-STEP collaborators CRF-FIAT and CERTAM, performed a combined measurement campaign of  non exhaust & exhaust vehicle emissions. 

APTL, CRF-FIAT and CERTAM group faced new challenges in nanoparticle measurements emitted both by vehicle brakes, as well as by the engine and performed measurements including:

  • Air pollution measurement including nanoparticle size distribution in Turin (residential/urban background area)
  • Measurement of particulate emission from brake pads on a chassis dyno test bench.
  • Chase study measuring in-cabin air quality and tailpipe emissions of the vehicle in front.

APT-STEP Campaign: Air quality measurements

APT-STEP Campaign: Non exhaust PM meas.