HomeNews2nd APT-STEP WORKSHOP on "Novel Material Technologies for Alternative Powertrains" on 25-26 February 2016


S1. Enabling Technologies (nanosynthesis and computational materials)

S1 – Plenary Lecture by Jorma JOKINIEMI (Univ. of Eastern Finland): Novel aerosol based methods for Li-ion battery material synthesis”.

S1 – L1 by George FROUDAKIS (Univ. of Crete): Hydrogen Storage in Novel Nanoporous Materials for Automotive Applications”.

S1 – L2 by Athanasios PAPADOPOULOS (PSDI/Centre for Research and Techn. Hellas): Computer-Aided Molecular Design of Pure and Mixed Working Fluids For Organic Rankine Cycles”.

S2. Challenges in Battery Technologies

S2 - Plenary Lecture by Silvia BODOARDO  (Politecnico di Torino): Materials for electrochemical cells with enhanced performance and new post-lithium ion systems”.

S2 – L1 Dimitris ZARVALIS (APTL/Centre for Research and Technology Hellas): Next generation Li-ion batteries: the eCAIMAN project”.

S2 – L2 Carlotta FRANCIA (Politecnico di Torino): Li-air pouch cell prototype developed within the STABLE project reaching over 150 cycles in ambient air”.

S3. Challenges in Membrane Electrode Assembly Technologies

S3 - Plenary Lecture Jens Oluf JENSEN (Technical Univ. of Denmark): "Challenges in Membrane Electrode Assembly Technologies".

S3 – L1 Dimitris TSIPLAKIDES (Aristotle Univ. of Thessaloniki): "Membrane electrode assemblies for solid polymer water electrolyzers".

S3 – L2 Maria DALETOU (Institute of Chemical Engineering Sciences): "Stable and effective electrochemical interfaces for HT PEMFCs".

S4. From Materials to Systems

S4 - Plenary Lecture by Vittorio RAVELLO (Centro Ricerche FIAT): "Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Powertrain E-Components: Challenges and Perspectives. Opportunities for Novel-Improved Materials?".

S4 - L1 Peter PRENNINGER (AVL List GmbH): "SOFC Systems for Truck and Small/Medium Power Stationary Applications".

S4 - L2 by Paris VOUTETAKIS (PSDI/Centre for Research and Technology Hellas): Efficient system design and energy management for renewable hydrogen production based on PV power and PEM water electrolysis”.