HomeNews1st Workshop on "Combustion Emission Control for Clean and Efficient Vehicles" on 16-17 October 2014


S1. Future Fuels - Future Engines

S1-Plenary: Rik S.G. BAERT, TNO, "Feeding the internal combustion engine -changes ahead!?"

S1-L1: Athanasios G. KONSTANDOPOULOS, APTL/CERTH, "Solar Fuels"

S1-L2: Loukia CHRYSIKOY, LEFH /CPERI/CERTH, "Carbon footprint of renewable diesel produced via waste cooking oil catalytic hydrotreatment"

S1-L3: George SKEVIS, APTL/CERTH, "Smart Fuels for Smart Engines: Perspectives and Challenges"

S2. Multifunctional Emission Control Devices

S2-Plenary: Martin VOTSMEIER, UMICORE, "Simulation based Design of Multifunctional Exhaust Devices"

S2-L1: Massimo ASTI, Centro Ricerche Fiat (CRF), "New Concepts for Integrated Diesel Exhaust Gases After-Treatment technologies"

S2-L2: Michael FISCHER, HONDA R&D, "NOx Control Technologies for low Real Driving Emissions of Diesel Engines"

S2-L3: Dimitrios ZARVALIS, APTL/CERTH, "Multi-Functional Reactor for Emission Reduction of Future Diesel Engine Exhaust"

S3. Challenges in Low Emissions Measurement and Testing

S3-Plenary: Oliver BISCHOF, TSI, "Recent Developments and Challenges in the Measurement of Low Particle Emissions"

S3-L1: Alexander BERGMANN, AVL List GmbH, "AVL Real Driving Emissions: Challenges in Emissions Measurement and Testing"

S3-L2: Apostolos TSAKIS, APTL/CERTH, "On-board emissions measurements of locomotive diesel engines"

S3-L3: Heinz BURTSCHER, FHNM, "Handheld device for diesel filter inspection"

S4. Air Quality Issues and Retrofit Approaches

S4-Plenary: Andreas MAYER, TTM, "Best available technology for retrofitting CI and SI vehicle engines"

S4-L1: Jean-Paul MORIN, INSERM/CERTAM, "Evolution of mobile sources tailpipe emission impacts on air quality and health"

S4-L2: Anastasia POUPKOU, AUTH/LAP, “Air quality in a Mediterranean city-port Particulate matter source apportionment using the WRF-CAMx modeling system”

S4-L3: Ilias MAVROIDIS, MIN. of ENVIRONMENT, ENERGY and CLIMATE CHANGE/HELLENIC OPEN UNIV.: "Urban trends of NOx, NO2 and O3 in Athens and their relation to traffic"